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Road To Recovery

By Terry Dunnage
With Matt Trollope

Terry Dunnage had been scooped up … and dumped in hell. His favourite uncle flicked at a cigarette lighter, trying to ignite more of the petrol he had sprayed hysterically around Terry’s kitchen. When it finally caught, the fire felt like a bomb had gone off. A huge swirling backdraft engulfing both of them, Uncle Vince defiantly resisting Terry’s desperate attempts to drag him… them … from the suffocating flames.

In Road To Recovery Terry Dunnage charts his truly inspirational comeback from the deep depths of life-threatening burns, trauma, despair, family tragedy, bitter legal battles, financial ruin and depression

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What you will experience in this book

Be prepared to laugh cry, gasp and sigh as you read this truly inspirational book

The Story Of Terry Dunnage

Learn the “origin” story behind what happened – the struggles, the loss, the hurt, the pain.

The Road To Recovery

Read how Terry is going through his recovery process whilst keeping his spirits and courage up

Giving Back To The World

Learn how, despite everything, how Terry continues to give back through his charity; The Terry Dunnage Foundation

What our readers are saying…

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An excellent read, it made me laugh and cry, gasp and sigh….It’s so tragic but so uplifting. I can’t imagine what Terry Dunnage must have felt like and it’s so inspiring to see that he lived to tell the tale and it’s a sort of happy ending. Love this can’t recommend it enough.

Fantastic read. What an amazing inspirational guy. Being a burn survivor myself reading this gave me the courage to keep fighting. Very powerful and what a strong guy to open up so much. Definitely recommend this book and it’s been written so tastefully by the author

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